Catering Highlight: Naked Cakes

We´re loath to say less icing is a good thing, but once we took one look at these naked cakes we had to agree.

  • The reception

Nudity has been a touchy subject for us Americans. We often gawk at those brazen Europeans on their nude beaches bearing their all to the sun and sea. We aren´t so very prudish, however, when it comes to our wedding cakes. If the rising trend in naked wedding cakes has any bearing on our desires, it indicates we´re more than willing to strip away all that fluffy icing and expose what´s really underneath.

The unfinished look makes the cakes look homemade, as though they´ve just come out of your oven. It´s a great way to make your cake look more approachable. None of those towering prima donnas that look like they taste like marble – these cakes are down-to-earth and definitely look delectable.

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