Casablanca Fall 2015 Bridal Collection: Timeless Elegance

This brand knows how to design classical silhouettes and looks that brides will always love.

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  • Casablanca Bridal
  • 2015

Affordable customization – did you know that at Casablanca Bridal they operate their own state-of-the-art factory that can customize a wedding gown to any bride´s particular preference?  Usually bespoke racks up the dollars, but one of the great things about Casablanca Bridal is their dresses won´t break the bank. They also design lovely, classic pieces that brides can easily pass down to their own daughters or daughters-in-law. The timeless silhouettes stand out in today´s super sexy, fashion forward designs.

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Casablanca Fall 2015 Bridal Collection: Timeless Elegance