Casablanca Bridal's 20th Anniversary: A Gallery Of Their Evolution

  • 20 Aniversario Casablanca Bridal. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • Año 1999. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • Año 2001. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • Año 2002. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • Año 2004. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • Año 2005. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • Año 2006. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • Año 2007. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2008. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2009. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2010. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2011. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2012. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2013. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2014. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2015. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2016. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
    • Año 2017. Credits: Casablanca Bridal
  • more 10+

One of the bridal sector’s most well-known and high-quality international brands, Casablanca Bridal, is celebrating 20 years in the industry this year. And as the years have gone on, so have their collections.

So, to celebrate, we’ve compiled some of their best garments from past and present here, in this gallery.

20 years ago, Kevin and Gloria Lu, had a vision. Kevin was determined to be a successful businessman, while Gloria’s dream was to create beautiful wedding dresses for brides on the most important day of their lives. Their hard beginnings gave way to many successful years in the business, as their collections increased along with their sales. Casablanca bridal gives their clients the best service for affordable prices.

And these are some of the factors that have contributed to their success:

• 2003: Casablanca Bridal wins the DIVA Fashion Award for Bridal Designer of the Year
• 2004: The brand wins the Dallas Fashion Award for Bridal Fashion, recognizing design and retail
• 2005: Corporate headquarters are established in Anaheim, California
• 2007: Luxury couture line Amare is introduced to the brand’s portfolio
• 2008: Casablanca Bridal wins the DEBI Award for Bridal Manufacturer of the Year
• 2009: Website is launched
• 2012: Kevin and Gloria Launch Celebrate Forever, a nonprofit organization that supports healthy
• 2014: Casablanca Bridal opens a flagship boutique in Newport Beach, Califor
• 2016: Beloved by Casablanca Bridal, a price-discerning line of affordable gowns is launched
• 2017: An increased emphasis on global expansion

Having 20 successful years in the business doesn’t come easy, or fast. Discover the best and most beautiful designs from the Casablanca Bridal collections in this gallery, and see why they’ve had so much success. We’re sure you’ll love them as they’re super elegant and equally as glamorous!


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