Cape Veils: Discover the Latest Trend in Bridal Style

Una de las tendencias de la temporada. No te pierdas todas las propuestas de esta galería que seguro te inspirarán. ¡Son ideales!

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Traditionally, there is no bridal look that goes without a good veil to accompany it. But there are many women who opt for other types of accessories to complement their wedding dress, instead of the traditional wedding veil. From headbands to other hair accessories such as fascinators or clips. For brides that still want to wear a veil but have it be a little different, that’s where the layered/staggered veil comes in. These are a must-have of recent seasons, so in this gallery we’re showing you the best layered veils for brides to make you look radiant on your big day. Take a look and choose the one that best suits your style!


Layers of all shapes and fabrics. On the one hand, layers are perfect for the winter, they are precious at the same time as actually being functional. Layers of fine scalloped lace combined with fine tulle that overlaps the dress, short in the front and very long in the back. Other more imposing styles that come from the same design as if long-sleeved. And on the other hand, mini layers or beautiful bonnets with rhinestones and embroidered crystals that add a touch of luxury and sophistication, besides giving a modern and urban touch to your bridal styling.

Don’t miss this beautiful selection among which you will find the best layered bridal veils. Good luck choosing your favorite!

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Cape Veils: Discover the Latest Trend in Bridal Style