Candle Decorations 2017: Illuminate Your Wedding

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As more and more wedding planning couples seek to express their personalities and make their big day a unique and memorable experience for guests, wedding decorations have become a key element in wedding organization.

Because the decorations you choose can make or break the guests’ experience, we are here to offer ideas that are guaranteed leave your guests pleasantly surprised and inspired to find their own unique decorations for their weddings. In this gallery, we have compiled a collection of our favorite candle decorations for your 2017 wedding.

Candles transmit feelings of peace, tranquility, and coziness, and their warm light can complement any ceremony. Whether you present them in vases, recycled bottles, jars, lanterns, or just on their own, candles can adorn any kind of theme or venue.

Hang them from trees, incorporate them into the centerpieces, or place them in practically any corner that you see fit. Don’t miss out on these brilliant ideas for a wedding full of light and warmth. Illuminate your big day and make your “I do’s” unforgettable!

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