Camilo Nivia Photography: 4 Key Steps To Achieving Authentic Reportage Photography

Emotion, naturalness, details and reportage will be the key points of your wedding photography, if you have a professional like Camilo Nivia.

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Are you searching for the perfect photographer for your upcoming wedding event? The first question you should ask yourself is what type of photography do you want to remember your wedding with? After deciding on this, you can begin your search! You will be overwhelmed by the myriad of options available to you, so it’s normal to not know exactly what you want straight away. To help you choose, we have noted the top trends in wedding photography for the upcoming season. Popular Colombian photographer, Camilo Nivia, channels these trends in all his photography session, so be sure to take note!

Images that move others: this point is essential. For wedding photography, one of the most important aspects is that the images hit the heart of those viewing the photographs. Emotional photographs allow your friends and family who could not make it to experience the day almost exactly how it was. Camilo Nivia always highlights the true love between her couples, which demonstrates the most sincere feelings between, not only the couple, but the newlyweds and those they hold dearly.

– Photos that tell a story: The biggest advantage of Camilo Nivia’s reportage photographer is that it is able to tell a grand story  through a selection of images. It is an elegant and emotional type of photography, which captures every feeling lived in a true story of love.

– Natural snapshots: posed for images are from another era, nowadays the most important trend is natural beauty, as they are the easiest way to access true emotion. Rather, bet on documentary style snapshots, in which the photographer captures every visible moment of the big day, without the bride and groom noticing their presence, as if they were another guest.

– An image that reflects the details: since he began his journey as a photographer, Camilo Nivia has recognized the importance of bringing to light not only the big moments, but the little details that make an event special and personalized to the newlywed couple!

Photographers like Camilo Nivia constantly seek excellence in order for the newlywed couples to experience the beauty of their special day time and time again. If you are looking for candid and natural photography, make sure to contact Camilo and book your meeting!

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Camilo Nivia Photography: 4 Key Steps To Achieving Authentic Reportage Photography