Gaea.Design, Weddings That Celebrate Love In All Its Glory

Planning an unforgettable wedding with a special focus on sustainability - that is what you can achieve with the wedding planners from Gaea.Design in Bern.

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Would you like to celebrate a fabulous wedding that you can treasure every magical moment of forever and ever? Are you still looking for the perfect Wedding Planner to exactly create your dream vision? Then the wedding professionals at Gaea.Design are the best people for you! This styling and planning agency specializes in exclusively designed sustainable weddings, events, and elopements and they will guide you in organizing your dream wedding in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, or Portugal:

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A Wedding Concept That Perfectly Suits You

When it comes to establishing a concept for your wedding and planning every single aspect, the experts at Gaea.Design never fail to take good care of the small details that ultimately make your wedding so special. For these professionals from Bern it is a great privilege to be part of your wedding journey and to accompany you every step of the way. They will support you with their many years of experience in the wedding industry in which they have acquired a large network of contacts and a failsafe sense for the right design for every wedding.

These professionals offer a wide range of services to guide you with every single stage of organizing your event. This includes wedding planning, wedding design with a large range of vintage, boho & fine art décor elements, stationary design (such as wedding invitations or place cards), floral design, choosing the right venue, and access to all other service providers you need to hire for the big day. In addition to these important tasks before the wedding, Gaea.Design will, of course, be at your side at all times on the wedding day itself to ensure flawless coordination.

To get to know the professionals a little better, we contacted Gaea.Design to find out exciting facts about their company, challenges they have faced in wedding planning, and the best moments of their careers:

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The wedding planners of Gaea.Design are always enthusiastic about their work. Photo: Gaea.Design

When and why did you start working as a wedding planner? Tell us about your beginnings in the wedding industry!

Gaea.Design: In 2016, I, Tiziana Gouveia, founded Gaea.Design. At first, I started out as a businesswoman and mother running the agency by myself, but as the agency became more and more popular within a very short time and when I could no longer handle all the orders, Tamara Schindler joined as a business partner in 2018. Since then we have been taking care of about 20 weddings and other events in various European countries every year. Together with T&T Creative Studio we also assist creative companies in the wedding industry with strategic and visual matters. We have been passionate about our work from the very beginning, and at Gaea.Design we dream about making other people’s dreams come true. We always try to get you the most out of venues, service providers and ideas. Since the establishment of our agency we have emphasized the importance of sustainability and individuality, therefore we do everything we can to make the event industry more sustainable day by day.

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Photo: Gaea.Design

How would you describe your wedding planner style? 

Gaea.Design: With our endless ideas we can create various styles for clients. Our special touch is that we always promote sustainability and continuously maintain it. We work with sustainable locations where food is cooked from ethical, locally sourced, sustainable products and the decoration is made from reusable materials and floral elements. Through this principle we often have a very natural, minimal style, but we can do flamboyant weddings too!

Why should you be hired as a wedding planner? What makes you stand out from the rest?

Gaea.Design: Couples should book us if they are looking for high quality design, aesthetics, and professionalism from one source on their big day. With us, they can rely on an experienced and well-rehearsed team that guarantees excellent organization, creativity, and strength. We fulfill dreams through sustainable methods.

What are the current trends in wedding planning? What is most requested now?

Gaea.Design: Due to the Corona Virus, we are all facing enormous changes and therefore we must remember the important things in life. Namely, friendship and love. Despite or because of Corona, we have organized many elopements. This trend has grown over the past few years and now, due to the restrictions, has naturally become an excellent alternative or short-term solution to the big party.

What was or is for you the biggest challenge in wedding planning?

Gaea.Design: Unpredictable weather. We often plan mountain weddings and always try to plan the wedding in the open air if possible. But sometimes we have to delay the event and setup again because of rain or bad weather. If the weather does not subside, then of course there is still a plan B (indoors).

Is there a special moment that has shaped your work as a wedding planner?

Gaea.Design: Every single moment where looks say more than a thousand words. When we see the pure joy in the radiant faces of couples, these are always the most beautiful and precious moments for us.

Planning a sustainable wedding with an artistic, natural touch – you will definitely have an excellent wedding if you organize it with Gaea.Design. Contact the Swiss wedding planners directly to start designing your dream, sustainable wedding!

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Gaea.Design, Weddings That Celebrate Love In All Its Glory