Bridal hair and floral accessories

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    • Cherubina, PRUDENCE.
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    • Cherubina, DESTINY.
    • Cherubina, CROCHET.
    • Cherubina, BOHEME.
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No matter what time of year or season, flowers will always be in fashion and their symbolic value is very important for many cultures and for many different reasons.

In Japan, the blossom from a cherry tree symbolizes the rebirth of life, a new beginning; in the Western world, a daisy, that wild flower that we all know and love, is associated with simplicity, childhood innocence and modesty (and the very famous childhood game of “he loves me, he loves me not”). A rose one of the most recognized flowers in the world and widely used at weddings is associated with purity, virginity, beauty and romance.

Floral crowns are still very much a bridal trend, and many brides are now choosing floral accessories for their hair. Here you’ll be able to see these cute accessories in different styles. We’re sure you’ll find your perfect symbol and ideal floral accessory right here!

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