Berta Bridal Wedding dresses FW 2016: make a first impression that will last!

Take a look at the gorgeous wedding dresses from the new Berta Bridal collection!

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Berta Bridal’s wedding dresses are renowned for  uncompromising craftsmanship, and the new collection is a sophisticated creation that pushes the boundaries of bridal fashion even more than before!

True to form, each Berta design is composed from the highest quality fabrics and beautiful beadwork that are combined to create truly exquisite wedding dresses! These gowns are definitely one of a kind and any bride wearing a Berta dress will be making a statement and guarantee all eyes on you.

The inspiration for this collection came from the materials themselves. Instead of searching for inspiration on the outside, this time Berta decided to look inside. It’s all about exquisite laces, shiny stones and soft chiffons which combined together will make a big impression that will last in the minds of one and all! We love the fit of a Berta dress too! Accentuating the brides’ natural physique, they flatter all the best parts and ensure any bride is looking sexy, sophisticated, and super self-confident!

This collection is a perfect example as to why Berta Bridal has reached such a star status in the bridal industry. Take a look and find your dream dress for your perfect day!

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