Berta Bridal 2015 Spring/Summer Bridal Collection: Spectacular Sensuality

Berta Bridal 2015: Spectacular Sensuality

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Their campaign takes place in a variety of interior and exterior settings. Each backdrop picking up a different essence, inspired by brides with different spirits. Elegance, a trademark stamp of the brand is present in each photograph.

With over 17 years of experience in bridal wear, Berta Bridal has been positioned as one of the top bridal designers for a number of years, and this stands out in their cuts, the care in their embroidery, the coherence of each collection, the personality of the firm and the work in each campaign. It’s easy to tell if you’re a Berta Bridal bride, as their dresses are so unique making you fall in love with them instantly. Wearing one of their designs will certainly ensure you look spectacularly elegant on your big day!

It’s definitely worth having a look at their 2015 Fall/Winter Bridal collection. Inspire yourself with one of their stunning creations.

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