Bridal Beads & Bows, Silk & Lace 2015

Descubre las nuevas propuestas de vestidos de novia con pedrería que varias marcas proponen para este 2015. Estilos muy diferenciados pero con una característica común, resaltar el lujo del diseño con cristales y pedrería.

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There is a perfect dress out there for each bride – luckily we all have different tastes so no blood is shed. Plus, with a variety of design houses that create countless gorgeous dresses each season you´re bound to eventually find the one. Over the years, wedding dresses have been reinvented and have undergone some drastic changes – but you don´t need to make such leaps in order to change the look of a dress. A simple dress can look completely different with appliques and embroidered designs, it adds a bit a glamour and pizzazz.

So we wanted to pick out a selection of dresses that feature beads, bows, silks, lace appliques and more! Most people hear the word rhinestone and cringe, but as you can see it´s a well used item and design houses like Rosa Clará, Jenny Packham, Sottero & Midgley or Vera Wang. Never underestimate an item in the hands of artists. The designers see the dress like a blank canvas and they use a variety of fabrics like tulle, silk and embroidered ivory lace with stones, to decorate and layer that canvas.

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Bridal Beads & Bows, Silk & Lace 2015