The Big Bang Theory: a Bridal Hairstyle

Don´t fear the bang. Yes, it may be a pain to grown them out, but bangs make for some gorgeous bridal looks!

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As Alfred Hitchcock said, “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” Of course he wasn´t talking about the hairstyle, but we think the same logic applies! So if you have bangs or are thinking of getting bangs for your bridal look, never fear! They´ll look great. Bangs can be haute couture or sensual or sweet, and will look great as a bridal hairstyle. So, how does one style them? Well, we´ve got just the gallery for you. These bridal bangs look absolutely amazing. Whether you´re channeling sexy Brigitte Bardot or sweet Zoe Deschanel, these are the dos to do.

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