Fover Floral: Artificial Flowers and Bouquets Brooches

See pictures of artificial flower and brooch bridal bouqets.

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Some brides hang their bouquets to dry and keep them as mementos of their special day, however, no matter how well you try to maintain your bouquet, it eventually looses vitality and color. A solution to that is to have a bouquet made of artificial flowers! Felt, silk, or any other material that won´t fade as quickly as live flowers will help to maintain your bouquet looking just as it did the day you held it at your wedding. We think this is also a wonderful idea for brides who are interested in a DIY bouquet – these types of bouquets are very easy to make yourself, and very easy to maintain. You could even make a bouquet of brooches entirely!

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Fover Floral: Artificial Flowers and Bouquets Brooches