Anna Kara 2018: A Collection Of Subtle and Delicate Wedding Dresses

Delicate fabrics and mix of textures in the new bridal collection from Anna Kara. Discover the new trends!

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  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • 2018

If you’re looking for a wedding dress that’s unique, good quality, as well as one that mixes the latest trends and textures, don’t miss the new collection by Anna Kara. The Polish brand has released dresses that are perfect for 2018 brides with hyper feminine and cosmopolitan designs.

The collection is characterised by innovative designs that fuse elegance with romance, with a very subtle extravagance. Their designs have been created for trendy brides who prefer to wear striped back, refined garments. Anna Kara unites the classic with the modern using sleek, lightweight and natural fabrics such as silk and cotton.

And that mix of trends is what makes Anna Kara’s wedding dresses so special and up-to-date. You will fall in love at first sight seeing the 2018 collection! Don’t miss it!

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