Anna Campbell´s Gossamer Collection is Now Available Worldwide!

Once unavailable to brides who weren´t living in Australia, now the coveted Aussie designer can be purchased world wide!

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Previously unavailable world wide, The Anna Campbell “Gossamer” Collection can now be purchased starting early October. The collection, which was previously made-to-measure only and exclusively available in Melbourne, will now be re-released as a ready-to-wear range featuring iconic designs such as the “Ashlyn”, “Tash” and “Carolina” gowns. The “Ashlyn” in particular, is very special to the designer as it was the dress her sister chose for her own wedding.

Inspired by French romance and featuring the opulent fabrics, intricate detailing and delicate hand-craftsmanship that Anna Campbell is renowned for, the Gossamer Collection showcases the most beautiful fits, lace and embellishments from the collection.

Brides the world over will still have customization options, including unique colors and an assortment of skirt alternatives exclusive to the Anna Campbell label.

Prices will range from $2999-$6999, and the dresses will be available for purchase from Anna Campbell boutiques, worldwide stockists and the Anna Campbell online store at

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