Anna Campbell Spring 2016 Bridal Collection Spirit

Beautiful, customizable wedding dresses from talented Australian designer are beaded treasures.

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  • 2016

Anna Campbell is a talented Australian bridal dress designer who has been creating gorgeous, romantic wedding dresses that we instantly fall in love with. The newest collection from the designer is no exception. The new range, named “Spirit,” is not only breathtakingly beautiful (that bead work!) but also comes with customizable options. Brides can now choose six different skirt designs.

Campbell said she named her latest collection in honor of her brides. “The collection was designed to celebrate the inner beauty of all our brides,” the designer said. This kind of attention is what sets the brand apart from other designers. Each dress is hand-finished in Melbourne, and is created from the best luxury, silk fabrics and finished with stunning beadwork exclusive to the label.

To see more of Anna Campbell, check out her 2015 Bridal Collection: Forever Entwined.

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Anna Campbell Spring 2016 Bridal Collection Spirit