Ángel Sánchez´s Fall 2015 Bridal Collection

Toning down his trademark structuralism with the 2015 Fall Bridal Collection, Ángel Sánchez presents a more romantic array of dresses than in previous collections.

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Ángel Sanchez never fails to stir the more artistic side of us. His creations often look like modern art pieces and yet still maintain a fluidity of form that is thoroughly feminine and wearable. For the bride who is looking for a modern dress that still has hints of romantic classicism, look not further. This year´s Fall Collection of bridal dresses drape the body in layers like works of art (trademark Sanchez), but it is also a little softer and more romantic than previous collections. The designer balances the stiffer fabrics with just the right amount of feminine lace and chiffon to create a memorable impression.

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Ángel Sánchez´s Fall 2015 Bridal Collection