Amazing Altar Inspirations for your Wedding

An altar has to fram the couple and be dazzling without taking away from the main focus - it´s a delicate balance. So we´ve assembled some amazing altars that will do the trick!

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As a guest, the most exciting thing about being at a wedding is that first glimpse of the bride as she prepares to walk down the aisle. The anticipation and the excitement… But there are many other features that your guests will also be focusing on such as your altar. Not just for religious ceremonies, but the main focal point where you’ll be exchanging vows and saying your “I Dos”.


With altars being such an important part of your ceremony – a special and sacred place where you begin your next chapter, why not decorate and accessorize them and make them part of your celebrations. We’re not just talking a few flowers and candles either, have a look at these altars we’ve chosen to show you. They work beautifully for outdoor ceremonies but can easily be adapted for indoors too – we’re sure they’ll inspire you to do the same!


Credits: Stone Crandall Julian Beattie Hugh Forte Heather Waraksa Fran Russo Aline Machado Alea Lovely

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Amazing Altar Inspirations for your Wedding