Alon Livné White 2015 Bridal Collection

Israeli bridal designer, Alon Livne dresses celebrities and brides alike, in glamour and romance.

  • Party dresses
  • 2015
  • Alon Livne

You´ve probably heard of his name from celebrities like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, so it comes as no surprise that Alon Livne would dominate the Israeli bridal market with his bridal line Alon Livné White. His gowns are a mix of glam, romance, and sensuality. His latest collection, inspired by the iconic Monica Bellucci and shot in a gorgeous Italian castle, is trademark Alon Livne. The sexy geometric cutouts and fine tailoring (pearl and Swarovski beading) make these wedding dresses truly spectacular and worthy of their inspiration.

Alon Livné White and 9 other Israeli bridal designers was chosen for our 10 Hottest Israeli Designers Every Bride Should Know.

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Alon Livné White 2015 Bridal Collection