Allure Bridals 2015: Elegance & Glamour

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Allure Bridals presents their new collections for 2015. A wide selection of bridal gowns designed for all types of women.

Everything created by them is hugely focused on detail and Allure Bridals has a range of wonderful collections within their firm: Allure Bridals, with lots of details such as floral applications, dramatic open backs with transparencies and perfect draping, in Allure Couture, the designs focus on luxury fabrics, exclusive dresses and unique pieces. Allure Romance is based on designs with bows and flowers with a very romantic and chic touch, and lastly, the Allure Women collection utilizes the very best in satin silks and appliques.

There are dresses for all tastes in their stunning collections. Elegant draping, mermaid cuts, fitted bodies and princess skirts with full volume. Their necklines and sleeves are just as varied too, midi sleeves with applications, short sleeves, wide straps and strapless all feature.

If you’re still struggling to decide on a bridal gown, this gallery should make it a little easier for you!

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