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A New Trend for Brides Has Arrived in 2017: Two-Piece Wedding Dresses!

Are you looking to wear something different and nontraditional for your wedding day? Discover the latest bridal fashion trend of 2017!

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If your wedding is set to be sometime this year, and you’re considering stepping away from wearing the traditional wedding dress for something more original and different, then this gallery is for you! This year, two-piece wedding dresses graced the runways of bridal wear. Standard wedding dresses are moving aside and allowing for these fashion forward ensembles to make their way into the spot light. Just because they’re different, doesn’t make them any less chic and elegant. Discover the latest looks of this current trend!

The styles of wedding dresses have been changing for years now. Each year, we see bridal designs presented in a fresh, new, and innovative way. Wedding dress designers are taking note that the main importance in designing these iconic gowns, is to ensure that at the end of the day, the bride feels comfortable on her special day. Thus, designers are finding the perfect way to fuse comfort and personal style together, while still maintaining elegance and beauty. This season, we were pleasantly surprised to see designers incorporating two-piece wedding dresses into their collections. The look is so very fashion-forward and modern. One of the first designers to take part in this trend was French designer, Laure de Sagazan. Followed by other well-known designers such as, Rosa Clará. These two-piece designs come in an array of styles. Some are composed of a crop top and skirt or pantsuit. With a variety of styles to choose from, we are sure you will find one that suits your personal aesthetic, if you desire to wear something different on your special day.

This versatile yet comfortable style of wedding dresses will convince even the most traditional brides to try this new trend! Take a moment and discover the latest two-piece wedding dresses of 2017 in this gallery.

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A New Trend for Brides Has Arrived in 2017: Two-Piece Wedding Dresses!