A Gentlemen´s Wardrobe: The Return of the Suspender

Sexy suspenders - yes, you read that correctly. Dispel the images of Steve Urkel and see how some guys get it right.

  • The groom

The suspender has been reinvented. No longer just thumb hooks for the Steve Urkels out there, suspenders are a vintage touch that is firmly back in the good graces of the fashion world. Thanks to shows like Boardwalk Empire, which proved to us that suspenders and Steve Buschemi can be sexy, the straps have been making a come back, especially in wedding attire.

Paired with a  bow tie or with funky socks, suspenders can be dressed up or down, and with such a variety of fabrics and patterns, the suspender is one of the few options guys have to make a unique and personalized statement.


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A Gentlemen´s Wardrobe: The Return of the Suspender