A Century of Wedding Dresses, Which Decade do You Prefer?

  • 1900: Victorian dress with heart -shaped neckline and sleeves highly decorated .
  • 1900: Beige long dress inspired by the Victorian era.
  • 1900: Dress with high collar , crochet and French sleeves.
  • 1910: Jenise Poiret by Paul Poiret.
  • 1910: The exoticism of Poiret inspired this session to May 2007 Vogue by Steven Meisel .
  • 20´s: Dress inspired by flappers ; pearl necklaces and hats were the order of the day.
  • 20´s: Dress inspired by Coco Chanel, with cut on the hip.
  • 30´s: A Great Gatsby Look.
    • 30´s: Natural and sequins Silhouette, so were the dresses in the 30s .
    • 40´s: Hollywood starts to stomp.
    • 40´s: Birdcage veil , lace and red lipstick.
    • 50´s: these dresses were the order of the day.
    • 50´s: Midi dress with heart -shaped neckline and lace.
    • 60´s: The guipure and crochet with short dresses are typical of the 60s.
    • 60´s: Hairstyle typical of the retro era.
    • 70´s: Uboho dress with dropped shoulders.
    • 70´s: Solange got married in overalls by Stephane Rolland.
    • 70´s: Crochet dress with bell sleeves.
    • 80´s: The eighties dresses are a mixture of codes that attempt to create new aesthetic .
    • 80´s: Punk wedding dress by Ferre Sposa
    • 90´s: The minimal carried during the nineties.
    • 90´s: Simple crepe dress with v -neckline.
    • 2000: Dress futuristic volume and length to the knee.
    • 2000:Bright dress with peplum.
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Believe it or not, the wedding dress hasn´t always been as popular as it is now and it certainly hasn´t looked the way it does now. If you’re a lover of vintage or retro looks you´ll know something about the drastic changes the bridal gown has undergone. Throughout the twentieth century, starting from the Victorian era of the late nineteenth century, the wedding dress has changed almost every decade.

In the gallery above we go from the flappers and style 20s style of Coco Chanel to the wonderful rockabilly 50s and the shocking (at the time) 60s mini dress, and finally ending in 2000! What decade do you prefer?

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