60 of the Sweetest Cake Toppers for 2019: Something for Every Taste!

Feast your eyes upon 60 of the coolest cake toppers for 2017! Be it a mini model of you and your partner, your pets, or Tyrion Lannister, the choice is endless!

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Cake Toppers are a beautiful little model that sits on top of the wedding cake, usually representing the couple in some way. Do you know where this idea originated from?


When Queen Victoria (who else?…) decided to marry the love of her life, Prince Albert, he wanted to swap the traditional cake decoration of the time for a small model of the couple with the intention of it symbolizing their union and the passion in their relationship! From then on, the replica of these lovebirds became one of the most sought after pieces to decorate wedding cakes in the USA!

Over the years, these cake toppers evolved and were crafted out of wood, porcelain, resin, felt and other materials. Many recreate entertaining scenarios that reflect the couple’s everyday life, including children and pets. Others depict small animals such as cats, dogs and actual lovebirds, which is really cute!

Some trends that are doing really well are the couple’s choice phrases or their initials, usually done with laser cutting. Also mini bunting and hearts made out of paper or felt – a great choice for anyone thinking of having a DIY-style wedding! The geeks among us needn´t feel left out, as you can even get a cake topper of your favorite characters, such as those from Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Want to organize a Game of Thrones wedding? Click here to see how to execute that idea perfectly.

With so many choices, it has become easy to find a cake topper that reflects the style of the bride and groom! Just remember that your choice should be in accordance with the size of the cake and the type of wedding decoration.

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60 of the Sweetest Cake Toppers for 2019: Something for Every Taste!