50 Pairs of Flats That Will Put You On a High!

If you want to ensure that you have a good time at your wedding without your feet hurting you - then look no further!

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Just as the traditional wedding dress has evolved over the years, and new trends are popping up season after season, the same thing happens to the expected dress code. Party dresses, once bright and bold, have now changed to more neutral tones and natural looks. And most importantly, guests are beginning to realise that staying in heels all day and through a reception with lots of dancing is not a good idea! Though they are a fashion staple, heels can be inconvenient and downright painful – and can even ruin a day meant for joy and celebration. That’s why we’ve created this gallery with 50 pairs of the most trendy and fashionable shoes, so you can enjoy the wedding without feeling any pain at all.


If you are someone who dreads the idea of heels, but does not want to miss out on the style they bring, then this is the place for you. We have combed through the latest trends, from both exclusive brands and the high-street. This is the time to fall in love with flat shoes: sandals, open-toed flats, or maybe those made of special material like lace or velvet. Rhinestones are also making a comeback this year, with high-end brands like Dolce & Gabbana offering flats covered in them. In short, whatever shoe you choose to wear to the wedding is one that you will surely be able to use again during the summer and autumn months.

Do not miss the gallery of 50 flat shoes that we have selected for you, and ensure that look radiant (and feel comfortable) at that next wedding in your diary.

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50 Pairs of Flats That Will Put You On a High!