50 Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Your Summer Wedding 2018

If you still haven't decided upon your bouquet for your big day then look no further than this gallery! You are sure to find inspiration from all of these beautiful Bridal Bouquets for 2018!

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There are many traditions regarding weddings. From the meaning of the rings, which were formerly worn by both members of the couple initially to solidify their courtship and were then replaced by official engagement rings when they became engaged, to the wedding dress and its color, the wedding shoes, the bouquet…

Originally the bride carried a bouquet because of the pleasant smell it gave off and the purity that the flowers symbolized. In this gallery you will find the 50 Bridal Bouquets for 2017 to inspire your big day. Ignite your look with some natural color.

As with bridal designs and accessories, there are many options of bridal bouquet depending on your style. We are going to give you some tips on how to choose a bouquet according to your style. Bouquets shaped like a half sphere are perfect for wedding dresses with a bulky skirt with tighter bodice. A posy bouquet is another style of bouquet in which the flowers and stems are tied by a piece of cloth, – this is one of the most used by modern brides. Added to that are wild bouquets, simple and made with seasonal flowers that are the perfect choice to complement the look of a boho-chic bride, as well as asymmetrical bouquets. Then we have cascade bouquets where the flowers are arranged in a more organic, flowing way, as if cascading from the hands of the bride.

Hydrangeas, peonies, tea roses, astilbe, eucalyptus, even olives, are the perfect flowers and plants to make a nice, modern bridal bouquet. Check out the bouquets in this gallery and you will surely find the perfect design for your wedding day!

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50 Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Your Summer Wedding 2018