30 Valentine's Day Ideas For Couples Getting Married In February

  • Mesa con decoración de San Valentín. Credits: Abby Jiu Photography
  • Pasminas para las invitadas en tonos rosas pastel. Credits: Leila Brewster
  • Decoración de macarons con rotulador comestible. Credits: Abby Jiu Photography
  • Credits: Heathers saunders
  • Buzón de mensajes de San Valentín. Credits: Abby Jiu Photography
  • Corazón espejo para colgar. Credits: Ana Lui Photography
  • Cajas con ilustración y pajitas de coracón. Credits: Andrea Jacobson For The Observatory
  • Carteles Love iluminados. Credits: Aliexpress
    • Decoración mesa con sillas rojas. Credits: Kt Merry
    • Botellines de batido con banderines. Credits: Andrea Jacobson For The Observatory
    • Champagne corner. Credits: Andrea Jacobson For The Observatory
    • Mesa con vajilla de flores y tonos rosados. Credits: Anna Delores Photography
    • Empanadillas en forma de corazón. Credits: Brian Leahy Photography
    • Menús con corazón dorado impreso. Credits: Imaj Gallery
    • Globos dorados Love. Credits: Britta Marie
    • Chanclas rojas en maletín vintage. Credits: Jamie Grenough Photography
    • Credits: Jasmine Lee Photography
    • Centro de flores rosas y grises azuladas. Credits: Katie Parra Photography
    • Tarta nupcial con flecha cupido. Credits: Heathers Saunders
    • Decoración de pared Love con hiedra y rosas. Credits: Landon Jacob
    • Camino de corazones glitter rojos y blancos. Credits: Kevin Chin
    • Mesa decorada en tonos rosas pastel y dorado. Credits: Lindsay Madden
    • Hiedra en forma de corazón. Credits: Michael and Carina
    • Repostería en tonons rosados. Cupcakes. Credits: O'Malley Photographers
    • Señalización de comida con carteles en cartulina rosa. Credits: One Eleven Photography
    • Pajitas para las bebidas con corazones. Credits: One Eleven Photography
    • Caja de frutos rojos. Credits: One Eleven Photography
    • Surtidor de zumo y vasos de corazones dorados. Credits: One Eleven Photography
    • Candy Corner. Credits: Heathers Saunders
    • Candelabro con velas rosas. Credits: Sandra Aberg Photography
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As February 14 approaches us, what better than a few Valentine’s Day inspired wedding tips. A February wedding seems too much romance to handle, but with these pieces of inspiration, you can be guaranteed to get the balance just right!

For color palettes, we’re not only talking about red, we’re talking the whole color spectrum. Bubblegum rose, gold and white and green combinations are just as romantic as red. In fact, for those not daring enough to go for red, subtle, pastel colours add a delicate touch to your wedding.

Ask your caterer to include soft tones to your wedding dishes, or add heart shaped foods to create a little more love, and not for you, but your guests! The bar of drinks can also be inspired by the day; straws of hearts, ice with petals inside, romantic garlands… And in the dance you could leave a corner with red, green and yellow stickers, so that daring singles can participate in the famous traffic light game.

On February 14, everything from the stationery, to the invitations, the waiters or the your bridal look, can be changed to represent the day of St. Valentine himself. Have a look through this gallery for some inspiration!


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