24 Vintage Wedding Ideas: Rustic Decor To Impress Your Guests

Do not miss one of the most popular wedding decorations in recent times. Discover the vintage style wedding decoration and surprise your guests

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When organising a wedding, there are thousands of different styles to choose from. Dresses and shoes that come in all different styles and cuts may take up a lot of your time, so when it comes to the decor, there’s a specific style that you just can’t stay away from: the vintage look.


In this gallery we show you the best ideas for vintage wedding decoration, take a look and get inspired!

If you’re getting married soon and you are a lover of this style, pay attention to these ideas, which show you how to incorporate the trend in a myriad of ways. From restored old doors that frame the passage to the altar, more original photo backdrops, or seating plans. Corners full of magic with antique furniture, the signature table or the candy bar, antique suitcases decorated with flowers or frames with messages, among other things… you can showcase the trend however you wish!

And, if you liked vintage style wedding decor, take a look at the rustic style wedding decorations and the industrial style wedding decorations. You have to see them!

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24 Vintage Wedding Ideas: Rustic Decor To Impress Your Guests