20 Top Hairstyles for 2019 Wedding Guests: Party in Style

Different hair styling for the modern wedding guest. Discover our favorite 2019 guest hairstyles and choose one to suit your style!

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For wedding guests, choosing the best accessories to complete their styling, is often just as important as finding the perfect party dress. But with accessories comes the all-important hairstyle, for what would be a complete styling without a killer hair-do? In this gallery you can see our favorite hair trends for 2019 wedding guests.


This gallery is a very complete collection of hairstyles to suit every taste. See simple hairstyles with loose hair, both wavy and straight, and feminine ponytail styles that are comfortable and flawless, both of which are great and easy if you’re opting for a DIY job. Then come the magical plaits in all their creative glory, a very current trend for brides and guests alike in recent seasons; these examples all add a modern twist. All styles are a canvas upon which you can add fun accessories such as flowers or headdresses.

Ideal hairstyles that can be combined with any party outfits. You only have to know which dress you are choosing (cut, colour, length, style) and compare it to this gallery to see which one is most appropriate! We’re sure you’ll find the ideal one for you, and you’ll look dazzling.

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20 Top Hairstyles for 2019 Wedding Guests: Party in Style