20 Chic Ponytail Hairstyles for Your Wedding 2017

Si quieres lucir el día de tu boda un peinado sencillo y acorde a tus estilo, no te pierdas los 20 peinados de novia 2017. Naturales y sencillos, ¡los querrás todos para ti!

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If there is one occasion that requires perfect hair, it’s a wedding, and if you’re looking for something a little different, allow us to recommend a ponytail. The hairstyle is not a popular option for wedding hairstyles, but we say this should give brides all the more reason to choose one. Curls, buns, and heavily hair sprayed up-dos are a thing of the past. Why not choose something less predictable?


There are so many different ways to wear a ponytail as well. You can wear a simple low pony with straight hair or a sleek high pony for a more polished look. Whether you curl it, add braids, or make it messy, the options are endless. We are here to show you 20 ponytail hairstyles for your wedding.

A ponytail is comfortable, versatile, and can accommodate any dress style. As an added bonus, it can endure the weather and last you the whole night. What are you waiting for? Browse 20 gorgeous ponytail hairstyles and find the right one for your look!

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20 Chic Ponytail Hairstyles for Your Wedding 2017