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A 30 years long passion

Zaliclò an acronym invented in 1979 and dedicated to the initials of three foreign girls and their little dog. We were inspired by them to create the brand, a brand that has brought luck and success.

The Zaliclò restaurant was born from the initiative of three guys who wanted to create this reality. Almost for fun, one evening at dinner with friends, between a toast and another, together with the girls and their little dog, with the set designer friend Gaetano Ferreri, who then took care of the furnishing of the structure; thus the idea of an alternative venue different from the existing ones was born, the first with this format in Canicattì and surroundings.

At the end of the 80s and early 90s, with the entry of Chef Maurizio Mantione, the restaurant began to carry out catering services in structures, villas, farmhouses, palaces, and historic homes, establishing itself with success throughout Sicily.

It was born in 2005 Zaliclò Banqueting which operates in its headquarters located inside "Villa Grazia", a liberty-style structure built at the beginning of the 20th century in c.da Corrige on a hill not far from Canicattì (AG

Today everything is staff , following Chefs Maurizio and Carmelo Mantione, stimulated by passion and accompanied by the professionalism that distinguishes them, continues its work throughout the region, enjoying ever greater success.

Approaching i flavors with great wisdom and mastery,
they bring an effervescent balance to the table
between tradition, innovation and imagination.

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