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As a husband and wife team, Willmus Weddings has many experience with weddings. Christophe has been a travel photographer for the past ten years and decided to expand his creativity toward white dresses and bow ties here in California. His European touch will definitely bring something special to your wedding day.


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By christinecarl
I used their services for my wedding

Where do I even begin?? We knew choosing a wedding photographer would be one of the most critical decisions in the wedding planning process, since we'd be spending 7+ hours with the chosen photographer and these photos would help us relive the memories forever... we needed skills and a personality we'd mesh well with...

And then we found Christophe. Even during the email communication, I knew he would be the perfect fit. We quickly bonded over things not even wedding related, and conversation was just natural. We booked our engagement shot with him, which we treated as a trial run... and within the first few minutes, we knew this was a no brainer. He made it comfortable and casual throughout the 90 minutes we had together, and the photos were phenomenal. (And we met Heather at this shot and she was such a sweetheart!)

Wedding day-- Christophe went above and beyond to get the perfect shots. Even our guests commented on how great he was. I am waiting for all the edited photos since we very recently tied the knot, but all the "sneak peak" photos he already sent over are PERFECT. He even featured us on his IG feed a few times!! I highly recommend Christophe to anyone who wants a great person and "picture perfect" photos!!

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