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Wedding Proxy is a licensed online wedding officiant that performs fast, "double proxy marriages" for active duty military and Montana residents. Proxy marriages completed in 3 hours or less.

Example: Your fiance is Active Duty Military stationed in Japan. You are in New York. Neither of you can be together in front of Clergy or Justice of the Peace. That is where our Montana Wedding Proxy service saves the day. Our wedding officiants are also clergy who stand in for you.

We've made double proxy weddings fast and affordable using secure online tech coupled with our 24/7 notary services, nationwide. No matter where you and you're fiance are in the world, we can marry you by proxy.

How does your online proxy marriage service work?

  1. You and your fiance will meet online with our notary (at any time of day or night, our notaries are available 24/7/365)
  2. You will both complete an online wedding application form.
  3. Once your applications are double checked, a proxy marriage wedding officiant will bring your paperwork to the County Clerk of Records to be validated. There, you'll be issued a wedding certificate, which we mail out the same day.

WeddingProxy is completely online!

You and your Fiance won't have to leave your home to find a notary. You also won't have to download forms or docs, print, scan or fax any documents. Your proxy marriage application is completed on our secure servers. Use our secure & encrypted 24/7 online notary service from the comfort of your house, dorm room, barracks or wherever you're at, anywhere in the world.

Proxy Marriage F.A.Q.
We get a lot of questions about double proxy marriage services. Here are the most frequently asked questions we have answered.

  • What is a "Double Proxy Marriage"? A double proxy wedding is when neither bride nor groom can be at the ceremony. This is where the officiant serving as the proxy stands in. While the bride may be in the United States (or any other country in the world), while the groom is stationed in Germany (for example), they can use our Wedding Proxy to stand in for them in a legally binding wedding ceremony. Montana is the only state in the US that allows a double proxy wedding.
  • Who can use this wedding service? A Montana resident located anywhere across the world. An Active Duty Military member, stationed anywhere in the world.
  • How long does the proxy marriage process take? We've been able to get couples married in as little as 2 hours. If we can get your completed applications in hand between 9am - 2pm (U.S. mountain time), the proxy marriage process is amazingly fast.
  • How soon can we get our marriage license? A copy of the wedding certificate is sent to you via email as soon as its certified. Your official wedding certificate will be mailed the same day of issue. If sending overseas it may take 7-10 business days.
  • Can You Still Have a Traditional Wedding? Yes! Even though you may have your big wedding planned, sometimes in life, things come up. If you need to be married within a day, with a real wedding certificate, WeddingProxy.com can make that happen. You can still have your big wedding when the two of you are finally together. For now, when you need to be married quickly, for whatever reason, our double wedding proxy service can have you married faster than you expect.
  • My fiance is not a U.S. Citizen, will this wedding proxy service be honored by U.S. Immigration? Yes! U.S. Immigration will accept legal wedding certificates from Montana.
  • Can you marry same-sex couples? Yes. As of 2014, Montana is the only state to offer double proxy marriages to same sex couples.
  • I need a Puerto Rico prenuptial agreement, can I still use a wedding proxy? Yes. Although, you will need to use a notary within your country to have the prenuptial deed notarized. We explain more on our website about prenuptial agreements.
  • Do you offer Apostille Stamp Documents? Yes. Our proxy marriage service offers an Apostille stamp for marriage documents. This does take an extra few days to receive as it needs to be authorized by the state.

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We ask for 50% down to start the paperwork and notary process. Once the application is complete we require the remaining fees. Although, we have priced our service 25% less than other proxy marriage services and do offer military discounts.
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1 Year
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Double Proxy Marriage Services

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