VIA Corporativo is a sustainable and innovative building that promotes a development with a vision for the future for the city at the height of the best buildings in the world.
It protects the quality of life of its members, saving energy and water; it is a responsible building with the planet and with society.

VIA Corporativo has three rooms with capacities from 20 to 400 people with the equipment, services and amenities that make it unique in its field, guaranteeing the success of your event.

Opinions about VIA Corporativo

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What are the key features of the venue?
Terrace, Dance Floor, Parking, Panoramic views, Disabled access
What is the venue's capacity for a wedding?
Price range
Mid price
Are the furnishings and decorations included when agreeing to the contract?
Yes, the furniture is included in the space rental
Do you offer in-house catering?
Self Catering
Does the reception have a time limit?
What special menus can you offer?
Kosher, Vegetarian menus, Diabetic menu, Allergy friendly menus
Can the couple provide their own wedding cake?
The couple can bring their wedding cake
Can the couple provide their own drinks for the reception?
The couple can bring their drinks at the reception
What drink options are available?
Open bar included in menu, Some drinks included in menu, Pay per drink
Do you have more than one event running at the same time?
Non-exclusive use, can host several events on the same date
What are your terms of payment?
se aparta fecha con $5,000.00 mn y tienen 8 días antes del evento para liquidar
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
la vista la cámara de aire edificio verde
How long has your business been running?


En tus contrataciones recibe un regalo a tu elección

En Via Corporativo queremos consentirte. 

En cualquier contratacion recibe un regalo a tu eleccion de nuestro catalogo . 

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid until Nov 22, 2021

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City: 22010
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  • Wedding Locations
  • Terrace
  • Dance Floor
  • Parking
  • Disabled access
  • Panoramic views
  • Self Catering
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian menus
  • Diabetic menu
  • Allergy friendly menus
  • Mid price