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We are a wedding planner agency with a dynamic team made up of professionals of different ages and backgrounds, characteristics that make us an efficient operational team. Thanks to the heterogeneity of our skills and personalities, we realize weddings in Tuscany for Italian and foreign couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, we take care of civil, religious and symbolic ceremonies in whatever location the spouses require us: castle, villa, agriturismo.

Founder of the Solevents event organization agency, Sara holds a degree in Design and Management of Art and Entertainment Events and Enterprises at the University of Florence. He started training as a wedding planner in 2010.

Born at 15 Kilometers from San Gimignano, she has lived since 1996 along the road that leads to Castellina in Chianti and is considered a very lucky person because she wakes up in the morning with the crowing of the cock. For study and work reasons, she has always moved to different areas of Tuscany and her strength is undoubtedly her knowledge of the area. Over time it has built a solid network of contacts and collaborators and is now able to advise the most suitable locations and suppliers for the type of event or wedding that the customer wants.

He chose the name "Sol-events" for the agency for several reasons. "Sol" is the Italian poetic abbreviation of the word "sun", which is the symbol of Tuscany together with the cypress and which represents an innate gift, the radiance, indispensable for an empathic wedding planner. "Sol" is then a musical note and symbolizes the orchestra, a group of individuals who combine their qualities to achieve an extraordinary result. Finally "Sol" is also the first part of Sara's surname which is "Sollazzi".

These are the foundations on which the agency and the team were built: experience, positivity, teamwork, listening skills and problem solving.

Opinions about Solevents

5.0 16 reviews
By Giulia
I used their services for my wedding

Sara is a very good person in the preparation and management of suppliers. I highly recommend it.

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By Henrik
I used their services for my wedding

Our ceremony was organized and managed perfectly. Sara did the best job possible for us. It woudn't have been the same without her.

The people she works with are just as great. We could trust her judgment every step. She had great ideas but would listen and respect our wishes.

It was always organized and kept very quickly.

We are truly and honestly welcome as a wedding planner.

Thank you for everything,

Nadine & Henrik

(Bremen, Germany)

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By Diana
I used their services for my wedding

We did with our wedding in Tuscany. She did all the organizing over the phone and emailed us. When we arrived in Italy everything was perfect. She was excellent at her job and even stayed all night - although it was her birthday. I can definitely recommend Sara's expertize for a successful and gorgeous event. Thanks again Sara for your extraordinary efforts and friendliness towards us. You created an unforgettable day for us!

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