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We are the hare that does not stand still, who is always looking for new ways to jump and surprise you. We get tired of the ads that say "Keep your right" and that is why we are now happy protecting our left. We are about to find the treasure at the base of the rainbow and that's why we keep looking for it. We do not intend to make an exuberant wedding that everyone praises but that is common, rather we are passionate about creating the wedding that everyone remembers and that they talk about in their social networks. We no longer want to leave "this side up", rather we prefer to put this side down. We don't stand still because we know how boring and tedious that is. Do you want something to happen? Come, tell us and we will make it happen.

We are expert dreamers who don't rest until they turn those crazy fantasies into something you can feel. What we do is not organize events, is to give life to the deepest secrets, is to create for you moments that you will always want to remember again. We may not know everything you want, but we are sure we can do everything that will make you happy. We make every moment worthwhile and we enjoy with you from before the first note of the march sounds and until after all the guests have left. We are passionate to see you smile and that is why we do not limit our imagination. You still don't decide? Get to know us and see that there will be many other organizers, producers and decorators, but only a hare will jump with you to your happiness.

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By Viviana
I used their services for my wedding

I had not had time to rate Salta the Hare with whom we decided to organize our wedding, which took place on Dec. 6. Initially our wedding planner was Tatiana with whom we established an immediate connection, she was very attentive and kept us always aware of everything, taking into account the distance given that my husband and I lived in Australia. Unfortunately because of internal changes that never explained us in detail, Tatiana did not follow us and instead assigned us to Emma. This about two months before the wedding. Emma and Carolina were very attentive and assured us that the change would not harm our process, however, there was a lot of confusion regarding the suppliers, specifically Casa Bistro, who handled all the catering including drinks bar. We had to resend all payment receipts because apparently the provider had not received the first payment. What we pay for catering was very exaggerated, since there was excess food, everything was not delivered for what was paid, for example desserts and drinks and there were unnecessary costs. This is because there was no proper organization during the wedding to ensure that everything was delivered to the guests. Additionally, our planners did not advise us properly on how to optimize the budget and avoid unnecessary costs. For example, the beverage bar was unnecessary, paid for unlimited service and in the end 50% of the alcohol was left over. He paid for three types of cocktails and the guests mostly only consumed one. Although the supplier was asked to quote a cheaper option, they were not flexible, ensuring that the unlimited option was the best option, causing unnecessary extra costs. The dessert table was very nice in terms of decoration but in the end almost all the desserts were on the table and had to run at the end so that the guests could try them, leaving at the end with great excess of which much could not be done deliver, for example wafers ... an unnecessary loss of money !! The reminders was another loss, many people left without the reminder because they were not located in a visible place to be claimed and second, the quality was very low and it shows that they made them eagerly without quality control. We asked to have fewer waiters to reduce costs and it was not possible and for the number of people there were and the total reception time we could have saved staff costs because there was more than necessary. Well, not everything is bad and I want to rescue the decoration, which was spectacular and Carolina perfectly understood what we wanted, in this sense we were very happy and satisfied. In general, we feel that we pay much more for what we receive and one of the objectives for which we work with a wedding planner is to have adequate advice regarding suppliers and costs. It is clear that we could have avoided costs that were totally unnecessary and saved significantly. Unfortunately this was not our case with Salta La Liebre and Casa Bistro and I think the main reason was the change of glider. We felt that Emma and Carolina were running and trying to finish our wedding as soon as possible, they probably had more weddings to attend and therefore there was no expected advice. Viviana and Mat

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By Margarita
I used their services for my wedding

Excellent service and accompaniment at every step, the decorations are wonderful and the timing impeccable, I recommend them 100%

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By alexa
I used their services for my wedding

I had not had the opportunity to stop by to tell you my experience with Tati de Salta la Hare ...

Tati, in a single direct phrase; TATI YOU ARE JUMPING THE LIEBRE, excellent experience I had when leaving our dream in your hands, you are a pilgrim girl, you have an incredible charisma more than our wedding planner you were our friend, the feeling with us is incredible, everything we planned in our meetings You carried it out, every detail was up to par, at its point of everything! you are a love, if I remarried a thousand times you would be my wedding planner! Thank you for your work, commitment and dedication ... the food was more than perfect, the decoration super cute, and your incredible accompaniment! thanks Tati you fulfilled our dream.

with love Alexandra A.

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