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Who resists the charms of chocolate? It has flavor and aroma that sharpens every sense, whether adult or child. But he's not the only star on the delicious candy table . Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, coconut, nuts from Pará also sweeten the palate and leave that taste of want more. And the Pecan Confectionery takes this festival of delicate pleasures to your wedding party.

Specialized in sweets and verrines the company from Rio de Janeiro is dedicated to bringing the best flavors to your event. All the sweets are handcrafted by chef Luísa Diniz who prepares recipes combining French confectionery techniques with Brazilian flavors .

Formed by the Culinary Institute of America NY , Luísa takes care of all the details in person, from the service to the making of the recipes. Besides the delicious options, the bride and groom can still customize the sweets so that not only the flavor is remarkable, but also the goodies have the bridesmaids' brand.

Check out and indulge in all the beauty, sophistication and flavors that Pecan Confectionery brings to your wedding party. All the details prepared with care so that the table of sweets is an event aside .

Opinions about Pecan Confeitaria

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By Flávia
I used their services for my wedding

Pecan sweets, besides very tasty, are beautiful. All the guests praised. And the delivery was super punctual and professional. We recommend it for sure!

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By Anna Raquel
I used their services for my wedding

Wonderful! Quality ingredients, perfect presentation and very tasty. Just right price! Candy was one of the most praised things of our party. She would choose again with her eyes closed.

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By Julia
I used their services for my wedding

Listen to reviews like "the candy table was amazing!" confirmed what I already knew: that choosing for Pecan sweets for my wedding was a great success. A great care with everything, from the help in choosing the sweets to the definition of the colors of the molds, everything passed me great tranquility on this day so full of expectations! I highly recommend it!

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