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From 2009 he started his first collaborations with famous photographers until his full debut in 2013, when he signed a contract with the “Art and Commerce” of New York for Vogue with a portfolio of exclusive images. In the same year he began to exhibit his first works, officially introducing himself to the world of national and international criticism. Since then he has begun to attract the attention of the public and famous faces of show business, such as Fabio Testi, Diego Armando Maradona and Miriam Candurro, who let themselves be portrayed by his lens.

Specialized as a wedding photographer, he is always looking for creative ideas for the realization of his images, paying attention to every little detail, and is constantly discovering innovative and elegant materials for the creation of high quality albums.

His office is located in Naples and it is from there that all his ideas start, trying to satisfy the most demanding European customers.

For the realization of wedding photo shoots, Pasquale Cuorvo makes use of a team of professional and passionate photographers and filmmakers: his photographic style is particularly inspired by photojournalism - which allows you to quickly capture every moment, thus managing to tell not only the story of people, but their most spontaneous emotions.

A small part of the photo shoot is dedicated to creative dynamic pose, letting everything take place naturally, mixing technique and creativity, in order to obtain photos with a great visual and emotional impact.

One of the main features of the photographic studio is the discretion with which the whole team works, using only natural light, letting the whole event flow spontaneously without tedious pressure and forcing.

The staff is always available and attentive to what happens, and - from the beginning of the day - tries to create a certain empathy, precisely to facilitate the relationship between the spouses and the photographers, placing themselves towards the couple with respect and education.

Each photographer in the team is continuously trained and in possession of high quality equipment, in order to always get the most out of each photo shoot.

Attention to detail is a fundamental point for the delivery of the final product, the careful choice of materials and finishes ensures that each shot is enclosed in elegant and refined customized containers ranging from woods to fabrics.

Opinions about Pasquale Cuorvo Photography

5.0 25 reviews
By Mina
I used their services for my wedding

I always say that Pasquale Cuorvo was one of the most beautiful pieces of my wedding, a great choice, the best, of which I always knew I would never regret ... and perhaps this delay in my review was good, because I recently withdrew the work that Pasquale developed on my marriage and therefore I can say with extreme happiness that I have always been right.

I would like with all my heart to be able to fully describe this talented photographer with words, but I already know that I will not be able to do him full justice, his skills are so great.

Pasquale is first of all a very professional person, he poses himself in a kind, helpful way, he is a very elegant and good-looking person, talking to him is a pleasure ... do not underestimate this aspect, I guarantee that having such a person at your wedding , which makes you look great, will be something you will appreciate a lot; He is also endowed with a great empathy, which allows him in a short time to understand what you are looking for, what suits your personality and among other things he is very sociable, two characteristics that if they walk together then they are the premise for a perfect realization of what you want and expect from your photos.

Pasquale has art running through his veins, his love for photography invades him completely, he is attentive to detail and at the same time he knows how to bring out a perfect background from a simple circumstance.

I love all the shots that Pasquale took for me, I find them beautiful and he will certainly be the choice for all the events that will accompany my life.

Pasquale Cuorvo is truly the top.

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By Matteo
I used their services for my wedding

Pasquale and his staff are excellent professionals but above all wonderful people.
Always available, kind, they were present but never intrusive, just as we wished.
The shots are unique and we recommend it to all future spouses who still have to choose.

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By Enrica
I used their services for my wedding

The presence of Pasquale Cuorvo and his staff at our wedding party harmonized perfectly with our project. We wanted the storytelling of our celebrations without noise and intrusiveness: we were satisfied. We appreciated his ability to integrate into the reserved and familiar context that we wanted to create for our party and above all thanks to the ability to spontaneously tell in "shots" we did not experience the embarrassment of posing in front of the lens. We are happy to have chosen Pasquale because he was able to elegantly and discreetly collect the emotions of a day in an indelible memory.

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