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Ottolire   is the story of an intense relationship with the stone of Valle D'Itria; stone with which are realized the dry stone walls, paved of   jazzi , but also homes,   trulli   is   cummerse .

Ottolire is the story of a family with a strong vocation for the recovery and conservation of stone buildings, typical of the Valle D'Itria.

In 1973, Michele said   obtuseness , and Life, little more than eighteen, were literally fascinated by a group of ruined trulli and bought them. With great sacrifices and a lot of work they brought them back to life, taking advantage of the experience of the grandfather paretaro and the great-grandfather trullaro. There they raised their children Erasmo and Antonella.
Forty-five years later, Erasmo and Antonella with Anastasia and Angelo, once again bring this wonderful place back to life by giving a new meaning to Ottolire, opening the doors of   casedde   to evocative living experiences, where you can share the smells of spring, the sounds of summer, the colors of autumn and the silences of winter, in a way that only Ottolire can happen.

In a large and silent space, the Resort lets itself be embraced by a luxuriant wood among oaks, fragrant trees and Mediterranean plants.
There is an immense harmony of shapes and materials to Ottolire, between geometries of ancient provenance: trulli and dry stones that today design a new place, a place where history is always present yet becomes modernity until it welcomes the visitor more careful.

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