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Nabilah Luxury Beach Wedding

  • Menus from: $140

Perfect romantic setting where you can turn dreams into reality.

All our most beautiful fairy tales begin with a golden beach and a beautiful bride dressed in white ... Luis Sepulveda said: "When you enter the arch of entrance to the temple of dreams, there, right there, there is the sea ..."

Swearing eternal love before the infinite blue of the sea is a true dream, a dream of love. Imagine the scene ... You, in your wonderful white chiffon dress, walking on the long carpet of golden sand and flowers while, at the altar, the love of your life awaits you excited. A wonderful sunset with iridescent colors in all shades of blue, pink and orange is the backdrop to the picture of love that portrays you in the most beautiful moment of your life. To frame you, a magnificent altar made with a wooden gazebo enriched with light georgette fabrics and pastel-colored flowers. Because love is simplicity, but at the same time refinement of small things ... the details. The sea breeze will gently caress your face, whispering notes of love to your ear, while suffused rays of sunlight will illuminate your excited and joyful eyes. In the background, the melodic sound of the sweet and monotonous breaking of the waves on the beach.

Opinions about Nabilah Luxury Beach Wedding

3.6 2 reviews
By Simone
I used their services for my wedding

Nabilah highly discouraged, bad people bad staff unprofessional I do not recommend it to everyone.

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By gerrykilorte_98
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

The wedding day spent at Nabilah was very pleasant and elegant. The splendidio environment, the comfortable and perfect structure in everything, not to mention the food, all delicious.

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What are the key features of the venue?
Garden, Marquee, Dance Floor, Swimming-pool, Parking, Sea views - beach weddings, Panoramic views, Disabled access
What is the menu starting price?
140 euro
Price range
Does the reception have a time limit?
Can the couple provide their own wedding cake?
The couple can bring their wedding cake
Do you have more than one event running at the same time?
One event per day only
What kind of wedding venue would you most like?
On the Beach

Street Address

City: 80070