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As MTA Wedding Planner, we professionally decorate and organize wedding and wedding receptions.

We create wedding decorations - decoration of the church, decoration of the wedding hall or wedding in the open air is our specialty. We make every effort to make the decorations special, just as the wedding day is special. We adapt the colors of flowers to the Young's expectations, taking into account the character of the place where the ceremony is to take place, as well as the theme of the theme for thematic weddings.

We start our cooperation with getting to know each other. We talk about your plans, dreams and expectations. We select each decoration or organization process individually to your needs. We have extensive experience, contacts and a rich database of companies with whom we have been cooperating for a long time.

A wedding and a wedding are not just one day we look forward to with longing. It is mainly weeks of preparation during which the Young Couple is waiting for many sacrifices, difficult decisions, stress and various unexpected events. To make the time of preparation a time full of positive memories, best decisions made, happy choices, it's worth asking for a professional

If we gain your trust, we will do our best to make you happy and relaxed on this Great Day.

Both in the whole preparation process and in the Wedding Day itself I am at your disposal.

Wedding day is the most beautiful day in your life - let me make it even more beautiful.

Opinions about MTA Wedding

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By Joanna
I used their services for my wedding

Unfortunately, I do not recommend !!!!!!!

We ordered cards with the change of the wedding date. We were assured they would be performed on Thursday. From Friday, we wanted to distribute invitations. We called, asked every day when they would be ready. Ms M. assured that they were already printed, later the courier was late or hadn't arrived. Unfortunately, on Friday morning we decided to go to the printing house and print it ourselves. On Saturday evening we got the information that the order could be picked up. For us it was too late ... the invitations partially reached the guests with cards printed in the printing house and not at Mrs. M. I'm glad we didn't decide on anything else ...

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By Ada
I used their services for my wedding

We started our adventure with MTA Wedding & Planner 2 years ago. After the meeting, assurances that we will have everything we dream of and seeing photos of decorations "made", we decided that it would be the right person to create our wedding decorations. Contact was hassle-free, always helpful, she answered all questions. A few days before the wedding, we were presented with a trial wedding decoration, of course, after prior arrangements. We liked the decoration, the gray rectangular tablecloth, golden pedestals with small bouquets, but we were assured that the bouquets will be much larger for the ceremony …….

At the moment of entering the room, unfortunately, we were very disappointed ... .. the first thing that caught our eye was a different inscription on the wall than the one for which we had agreed. Nobody even asked us for permission to change the inscription. The bouquets were smaller than the ones we agreed. There were no flowers that were fixed, but the bouquets included chrysanthemums without our consent. There were supposed to be beautiful white hydrangeas that were during the trial decoration, but later there were flimsy, slightly wilted hydrangeas. The flower stands on the tables were also changed without our consent. There were no green twigs on the tables and in front of the Bride and Groom's table as well as the golden numbering of tables. The tablecloths arrived after the great adventure, but on round tables. For obvious reasons, they were not placed.

The boutonnieres we received for witnesses were broken. They were not even hooked, besides, they were not fit to be attached, the green branches were wilted, and the white rose had brown spots. The same "freshness", or rather lack of freshness, flowers in the wedding bouquet, I had to tear rose petals with brown spots, the freesia were withered. Overall the flowers were not fresh. They were withered. On the day of the after-party, some of the flowers fell on the tables. The leaves that were used in the decoration looked moldy. Unfortunately, the flowers were not even fit to be taken to the cemetery. And they should be fresh for at least a few days. We were the most disappointed with the quality of the flowers because they were supposed to beautify the whole ceremony. We won't mention unculturally taking decorations off the tables while the guests enjoyed their best despite being asked not to. We know the other side has a different version of it, but we were there and we know how it all looked like.

We feel cheated. After repeatedly asking why the changes took place without our consent, we did not receive an answer. The price we paid for the service is very high compared to the quality. But I guess we have a different idea of beauty than we first thought.

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By Ania
I used their services for my wedding

My name is Ania. For five years, we have lived with her husband in Leicester (Great Britain). Our dream was to get married and arrange a wedding party in our hometown - Zielona Góra. Due to the large distance, it was a big challenge for us in terms of logistics. During one of the visits in Poland, we set the date of the wedding in the church and we reserved a previously chosen reception room. Unfortunately, we did not have time for other important organizational matters. My friend Marta Wółkiewicz came here with help. She advised us on many important flowers, such as the selection of a well-tried musical band and the decoration of the church and wedding hall, which she herself did, She also agreed to represent us in meetings finalizing contracts with contractors of our orders. It was also of little importance that Martha's help in picking up some of our guests from the airport, which we would not have time enough, turned out to be of no importance. The party together with the amendments was organized for 150 people.

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