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What the bride and groom enjoy when hiring Momentos is the personalized treatment from their certified wedding planner , the transparency of their budgets and the human warmth of all their staff ... but above all, their gastronomic offer; Their cooks are village ladies who have inherited the most delicious recipes and bring them to your event table. Many people taste their food happily commenting that it reminds them of their grandmother's season.

Your gastronomic offer:

  • Mexican buffet with press tortillas made to order
  • Italian buffet (lasagna, pasta, souffle, salads and bread)
  • Pizzas and salad table (variety of pizzas and salads baked on site)
  • Meat in your juice
  • 3 and 4-course banquet
  • Table of snacks / regional sweets / desserts / donuts / sandwiches
  • Cheese and fine meat table
  • Unlimited cocktail bar or welcome cocktail
  • Gourmet coffee bar (offer your guests the best quality coffee), you can make your bar more fun by adding carajillos

* Do you have guests with a special diet ? Don't worry, Momentos has different options to satisfy all palates

Another thing that the couple likes when hiring Momentos is that they not only have the necessary experience to serve them thanks to their 8-year history of doing social and business events, but also find everything they need to do their dreams reality.

Among the services you can discover with them:

  • Furniture, florist, table linen, decoration, photo booth and more

As you already know, dear lovers, Moments will undoubtedly be an excellent decision on the way to the most important moment of your lives, they will surely attend you with the affection you expect.

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