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First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on this special time in your life! From the magical moment you become engaged, leading right up to your Wedding Day, you will likely experience a roller coaster ride of emotions: From complete bliss and excitement all the way to pressure over budget. We believe that every couple deserves to enjoy this experience and are comprehensively dedicated to taking the complexities out of your planning equation. Whether you are a dynamic duo who simply needs a Month-Of Coordinator, a destination wedding or multicultural couple with questions at every angle, a busy power couple with zero time to plan, or you simply want the all-star Full Planning treatment, Marquette Avenue Events is equipped with all of the resources that you will need. So kick back, relax and enjoy the wedding of your dreams!

With luxury planning experience since 2004, Marquette Avenue Events was founded by Brianne Garritano in 2011 with the intention of offering a truly customized approach to planning as well as aligning the needs of her clients with her network of event partners for the best possible fit. Her expertise is vast and from coordinating wedding and events of 1500+ attendees, all the way to intimate elopements, Brianne and her team are equipped with a strong knowledge base and artistic vision to make every experience for clients exquisitely styled, timeless and executed flawlessly. They are known for their devout work ethic, strong detail-orientation, successful client and vendor relationships - over a decade in the making!

For Team MAE, the wedding planning threshold is limitless! It's easy to get lost and even a bit overwhelmed in the wide stratosphere that has become events and weddings these days. Marquette Avenue Events is dedicated to the art of story telling and aims to provide clients insight and inspiration along the way. Their vision has been regarded as "off-the-charts", but the overaching goal is grounded and very simple: To provide their esteemed couples with essential tools and take-a-ways to elevate their celebration to the next level. All this while creating memories to hold onto long after your big night has ended.


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By meredithlmeyers
I used their services for my wedding

One of the best decisions we made throughout a year and a half of wedding planning was enlisting the help of Brianne and MAE. She was an absolute dream to work with and my family and I are still blown away by how seamless and perfect she made our wedding day. She was professional, organized, extremely responsive, and did an incredibly impressive job of commanding a room full of vendors, bridal party, and family. When my husband and I reflect on our wedding day, our standout memory is being able to fully enjoy one another and our loved ones - while never once having to stress about logistics or coordinating vendors. I cannot recommend Brianne and her team highly enough.

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By jenna.otte
I used their services for my wedding

In my search to find the perfect wedding planner, I vetted over 20+ companies, and landed on MAE due to their experience in multi-cultural weddings (Owner Brianne was an Indian Bride herself), the confidence I had after our initial meeting where she walked me through every step and her promptness and professionalism during the process (you’d be surprised to know just how many vendors don’t reply to you for weeks).


My fiancé and I booked Brianne months in advance for her “month of” package and while we weren’t going to roll up our sleeves until 30 days out, Brianne provided us guidance along the way whenever we had a question, never too busy to respond to an email/text/call.


30 days finally came and I thought I was a bride who had most things figured out but it isn’t until you are putting together a minute to minute timeline of the big day, coordinating with all of your vendors, that you realize things can go downhill fast.  Brianne and Becca thought of everything – things that wouldn’t have come across my radar in 100 years.  And once the timeline was in place, any questions or communication with vendors or our wedding party they owned which was one thing off my list.


The big day came and it was orchestrated chaos.  I say that because our wedding day brought 250+ guests, many from out of town, to Chicago for not 1 but 2 ceremonies.  This included multiple outfits and vendors to coordinate and two blocks of time for photographs and on top of that, I had a bridal party of ~20 that also was Brianne and Becca’s responsibility.  Like I said, chaos.  We started at 7:30am and they were with us every step of the way until the last song at 11pm.  If it wasn’t for these two orchestrating it so beautifully, there is absolutely no way this day would have happened.  My father jokes that we’d still be there trying to get everything done.  As a bride, I was so relieved to not have to worry about 1 detail or problem and trust me, we had a few….outside ceremonies in 40 degree weather, shuttle bus delay due to bridges being raised and missing wedding cakes but yet, myself, my husband, our families and guests were completely shielded from this due to Brianne and team which was a blessing. 


At the end of the day, my now husband and I believe that Brianne and team were the best money we spent on our wedding – hands down.  Even though I took it upon myself to plan most of the details leading up to the big day (blame my OCD), your planner should be your insurance policy to make sure everything happens just the way you envisioned it and Brianne and team exceeded expectations.  In this business, you do get what you pay for and after the experience we had, I am so glad we didn’t go with the cheapest option as it would have came with some serious sacrafices.  Also, both Becca and Brianne have such a calming demeanor and are always positive – ALWAYS.  Like positive to the point where you don’t think its real life.  Out of the all vendors we used, Brianne and team were not only my personal favorite but they were the reason me and my husband have great memories of our wedding day.




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By mina84kim
I used their services for my wedding

After much deliberation on whether or not I needed a planner, my now husband scheduled an appointment with a local big group planning company that in short, I absolutely hated.  Compromising that a planner was necessary, I somehow had the fortune of finding MAE through references on beautiful Instagram posts of weddings I wished we could imitate.  Brianne's team seemed to host the most beautiful weddings, and that is how we first found MAE.  Since our initial meeting, we were in love.  Professional, tactful, and with excellent taste, her team helped us execute the most perfect reception.  There were, of course, numerous mishaps, but somehow Brianne had already caught them and was in the process of getting it fixed before I was even aware of the situation.  I was so incredibly stressed throughout my entire engagement planning the wedding, but my wedding day was so relaxed and wonderful.  MAE truly was such a big part of that and we can't thank them enough.  I  would refer them to anyone in a heartbeat!

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