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I live and dream of photography where I found at weddings my greatest inspiration to be able to convert moments into great memories and memories.

Always excited to take photographs, everything began in 1995 with the love of travel - who did not - and photographing the beautiful panoramas, soon trips would increase my curiosity for the cultures and their diversity at the same time the experiences of my life that took me to combine panoramic, documentary and "Street photography" photography.

At some point life turned towards weddings when I photographed a good friend's wedding and immediately began to hire me and fill the year with wedding events, soon the market of Wedding Destinations would look for me.

Hundreds of brides have trusted my work and this has led me to photograph weddings in Italy, California, New York, Jamaica, Bahamas, Peru and in the best destinations in Mexico such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and many more.

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I dream and live of photography and found in weddings my biggest life inspiration when I turn real moments into still memories.

Always eager to do photography all started in 1995 traveling to do landscape photography then curious about cultures and keep memories of my life I start to shoot street photography; life turned into weddings when I shoot a friend's wedding and immediately got booked for the entire year and start traveling for destinations weddings.

Trusted by hundreds of brides my work has taken me to shoot weddings in Italy, California, New York, Jamaica, Bahamas, Peru and in the best destination in my Mexico such as Cancun and the whole Mayan Riviera, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta an many more

Opinions about Ivan Luckie Photography

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By Lakeisha
I used their services for my wedding

We are very grateful to find an artist and human being, we felt from the beginning a liking for his direct personality but very kind and sensitive, that made us think that our photos, as they looked on his page were going to be, not us we are wrong! They made our photographs and being the most important day of our love life we can see them and relive the day again.

We thank Luckie for the beautiful photos that we will share with our loved ones!

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By Yesenia
I used their services for my wedding

My family and I are grateful for the outstanding and beautiful work delivered by Luckie Photography on our special day. From the moment we saw our images on your website, my whole family, friends and ourselves remember the beautiful through the beautiful moments captured in the photos. I remember a friend saying "I love how the photographer captured all the LOVE and HAPPINESS of that special day, I can feel it when I see the pictures!" I always wonder how Ivan could do that incredible job with professionalism, patience and that artistic eye to capture what we feel to be in that magical place, so happy and full of love. I also remember asking how he could take those photos in the Mayan cavern, but by his artistic eye he takes PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL photos! with an incredible light, colors and angles, incredible work! We are very happy to have found this amazing artist to capture our special day of love, thank you Ivan!


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By Epsen
I used their services for my wedding

We chose Luckie for his beautiful photos, it was what we were looking for for a long time, we believe that the photo is the most important, and we were not wrong with our selection, we loved our photos, we captured many beautiful moments that we will enjoy for a long time, We recommend Luckie to take his photos at his wedding, it's incredible.

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