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João Almeida was born and raised in a cinema and the image has always been part of his day-to-day life. For John photography, more than a hobby, is art. In recent years he has devoted himself to reporting weddings for believing that nothing is more magical than freezing a love story in time and space. It draws on emotions and creates photography for people in love . Its sole purpose is that each collection of photos is unique, artistic and mirrors the person photographed.

John feels grateful to be a part of those wonderful days, full of love and charming people that vibrate and identify with your photos. He believes that he is part of a small group of people photographing weddings that really love what he does. He lives in Matosinhos, Porto and travels all over the country ... but worldwide it is his goal.

Opinions about João Almeida

5.0 14 reviews
By Ana
I used their services for my wedding

The word that best describes the work of João Almeida and his team is Incredible!
From the energy it transmits, the tranquility it gives us, the passion with which it shoots, everything is  amazing!

The end result is beautiful and we are left with beautiful memories of our day.

We recommend for professionalism, good energy and competence.

Just perfect!!

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By Gisele
I used their services for my wedding

When we met with photographer João Almeida, we had no idea what to expect. We saw some magnificent pictures but we didn't know about his work. Interestingly after 10 minutes of meeting, when I exchanged a few looks with my fiance, I quickly realized that we were both completely surrendered. Anyone who knows his work, realizes that photography is absolutely a passion and it is noted that there is an enormous dedication to his work. We feel that more than our photographer, João would be a fundamental element in our wedding, because his vision goes far beyond photography. We felt an immense connection and identified ourselves easily with a type of natural photography, without artificial poses or smiles and for someone as unphotogenic and "uncomfortable" as we are, we really needed a professional who could work miracles and be able to capture us. natural way. With João we achieved this and much more. He has a completely unique and different view from everything we had seen before and at every moment he is inspired by the scenery that surrounds him to create idyllic and unforgettable moments! I know he is someone who will follow us for life and that if everything goes well, he will be there, recording the most important moments that the future will bring us! I am grateful to our wedding planner, from Romã Eventos, who helped us find someone like that and João Almeida thanks all the affection and dedication that he has always shown us. Thanks.

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By Joana
I used their services for my wedding

João and his team managed to record every moment of our marriage in a unique and special way. They captured all the emotions we feel in the day, all the nervousness, the joy, the love, the faith ... The photos are incredible! All that remains after the day is the memories, the photos and the video. You can not go wrong in choosing these professionals. I recommend and recommend João Almeida and his team!

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