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"History, art, unique natural landscapes, ancient traditions, excellent food and wine, and people able to make you smile and always feel at home: this is Italy for us!
We believe in true beauty, in Italian people ability to always amaze, create, share and get there, where no others can."

Italy Wedding Planner was born in 2006 and in a very few years it established itself as one of the best wedding planner agencies in Italy, specialized in tailored emotional experiences for luxury weddings.

Elvia and Valeria have always shared a love for Italy and for everything that represents Italian excellence and uniqueness. They have different characters and personalities but when they work together, they balance each other perfectly, so that the potential and skills of one enriches the work of the other.

They firmly believe that the success of each event can only be achieved by teamwork, when real professionals work together with passion, competence and professionalism, each of them in their own field. Their role is therefore to coordinate and direct a selected team of suppliers they have the utmost confidence in.

What Italy Wedding Planner offers is an exciting and exclusive journey into “Italianity”, together with unique, authentic and high quality experiences.
They are constantly looking for natural settings and unusual locations that may apparently look simple but are full of stories and emotions to share.

Elvia and Valeria will be personally involved in organizing very stage of your wedding.

If you want your wedding to be remembered forever as a memorable experience, we suggest the first two steps:
- choose Italy as your wedding destination 
- choose Italy Wedding Planner as your Italian luxury wedding coordinator

Making these two choices will guarantee you a 100% successful event.

Opinions about Italy Wedding Planner

4.9 1 review
By Rosalba
I know them professionally

Very high professionalism and competence. I would recommend it to a married couple who want to combine originality with class, style and elegance.

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