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Iñaki Lungarán Fotografía


The professional photographer Iñaki Lungarán is part of a new generation of a family of photographers specialized in immortalizing the most beautiful moments of your life, and among them, weddings are one of the most special days you can live.

The passion he feels for photography has led him to train with the most prestigious international wedding photographers, adapting to the latest technologies in the treatment of the image. Although its main location is in Toledo , Iñaki Lungarán also has a studio in Madrid .

What characterizes the work of Iñaki Lungarán is that it is dynamic, fun, passionate, imaginative, daring ... And all this is what he tries to capture in his photographs, so that his reports are unique and special. In addition, this photographer moves to any part of Spain to fulfill the dream of photographing your wedding with the latest technological means that exist in photography ...

For the production of the wedding video, Iñaki Lungarán collaborates with the professional videographer Silvia Simancas, who creates wedding videos based on creative documentary films. With this type of film, the Iñaki Lungarán team leaves what is conventional wedding video to give way to some images that reflect the feelings that take place on that special day for you, offering a different look, a very personal, human and creative.

Opinions about Iñaki Lungarán Fotografía

4.8 1 review
By Davinia
I used their services for my wedding

Little more to say. Photos with feelings that reflect the emotion of a special day like our wedding. He and his team made us feel so comfortable that after the post wedding we have still wanted to repeat the session.

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