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One of Imppacto's main goals is to make your wedding an unforgettable day full of unique moments. For this we rely not only on what truly inspires the bride and groom, but also on our personal experience, the stories around other weddings we have performed and the tips of the experts who are part of the company, from the chef , through the cake designer to to those who dedicate themselves to the glamorous decoration of the space. We know the surefire recipe for everything to be as you always dreamed, no matter how complex and sophisticated you want, without any production effort on your part. Maybe you have all the details of your wedding in mind, or you may not know what to do with so many ideas that come your way and as many options as possible.

Perfect daymakers, we are aware that there are many decisions to make - the wedding rings, the wedding dress and perhaps the veil are just a small part. Whatever your choice, Imppacto protects the happiest couples in the world with exceptional wedding planner service and a policy of description and excellence, whether it's a church or civil wedding, for many or few guests. .

So that on the most important day of your life it can simply be what everyone expects of you - the bride - we make every happy ending the beginning of a dream come true and promise you forever the memory of an exceptional menu, timeless images. from an amazing photographer, tailor-made invitations and a perfect place, decorated in the right shades of his personality: a verdant farm if you prefer a more bucolic trend; an estate on the plain if you choose a country register; a charming palace for a more aristocratic party; or spaces with a mark of urbanity, which live as much of the architectural elegance as the beauty of the Tagus River and the famous light of Lisbon. Without forgetting, of course, the ultra-romantic possibility of getting married on the beach. In this universe where everything is possible, we organize a day of your dreams by paying close attention to the details, the tendency of your marriage and the language that will forever mark a love story that begins for us now. Together we will also be happy.

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Important: Imppacto Group provides its services throughout the country.

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