HeelBuddies manufactures heel protectors for ladies shoes, specially designed for outdoor events in grass, gravel,cobblestone or wooden decks. It allows ladies to walk confidently through these irregular surfaces thanks to a wide, more stable support base that won’t let the heel sink in, also keeping the shoes protected from damage and stains at all times.

HeelBuddies are 100% made in Spain with recycled plastic, and unlike similar products in the market, they are durable, reliable, and discrete, favoring the shoe not the protector.  HeelBuddies come in four sizes that fit pretty much every high heel and they come in clear and black making them practically unnoticeable.

There are many uses for the HeelBuddies; the most common are for weddings and events held outdoors, where the bride or host purchase them as a party favor for their female guests. They are also widely used by stylists and photographers for professional photoshoots, by ladies attending polo games and horse races, even some ladies use them on the golf course as spectators to golf events. A last minute trend is ladies wearing them to work as part of their outfit, as they’ve found that the support area is wide enough to reduce pressure to their feet enhancing the experience of wearing high heels.

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