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Grupo Bisutti

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Grupo Bisutti


Has your dream always been to get married in a beautiful place , with a unique essence , with a haute cuisine buffet, exclusive decoration, incredible drinks, sound, light, mapped projection, attractions to delight your guests and with a great location ? Know that this place exists and is closer than you think.

Meet the Bisutti Group , which has event houses for unique, unforgettable and memorable parties . It all started in 1964 in the province of Bergamo in Italy , when the first venue was built to hold high standard events in the European style . Today the Bisutti Group has 17 houses in São Paulo , in the disputed neighborhood of Vila Olímpia and four within Club Med , the largest chain of resorts in the world (two in Mogi das Cruzes, one in Trancoso/BA and one in Punta Cana ). .

Get to know a little about the benefits and facilities of getting married in one of the most popular spaces in São Paulo and book your big day with the Bisutti Group .


What are the key features of the venue?
Garden, Terrace, Chapel, Dance Floor, Parking service, Parking, Sea views - beach weddings, Panoramic views, Lake views, Disabled access
What other services do you offer?
Music, Beverages, Decoration
Are the furnishings and decorations included when agreeing to the contract?
Yes, the furniture is included in the space rental
Do you offer in-house catering?
Self Catering
What special menus can you offer?
Vegetarian menus, Diabetic menu, Allergy friendly menus, Gluten Free menu, Kosher
What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
More than 6 months
How does tasting work?
Tasting included
What kind of wedding venue would you most like?
Urban wedding, On the Beach, Natural garden
Do you have more than one event running at the same time?
One event per day only
Is it possible to adjust or modify the menus?
Do you work alone or do you have a team?
We are a team
Is it possible to develop personalized menus?
Does the reception have a time limit?
No restrictions
Do you have a space dedicated to the wedding ceremony?
Feast, Designated space for civil ceremony
When can weddings be celebrated?
All year round
How long has your business been running?
Price range

Opinions about Grupo Bisutti

12 reviews
12 reviews
Recommend it?
By Loren
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

A place to be tasteful or chic should at least have a space with logistics that value the well-being of the guests! Well that is DEFINITELY not the case with this place!

It has NO ACCESSIBILITY for those who have mobility restrictions or have a baby stroller, if you use a motorized chair to get around, forget about getting to the ceremony site and the party hall. And the worst, service providers are not oriented or trained to get around the situation and look for alternatives!

a total lack of respect and care for guests even more that it's not a ballad! A wedding has people of different ages, and with different needs as in the world!

You arrive and stop at a place that, to get to the ceremony and ballroom location, has a huge earth and wood staircase, which doesn't even have a right handrail! When 3 different people at the wedding guests with different accessibility issues were asked for easier access they said they didn't have it. LIE yes there is a side that is uphill, a service place but that in case of reduced accessibility or in an emergency can be accessed so much that in the end after a lot of insistence they let them go up with the cars to that side so that people could leave since in 2 cases there was not the LEAST possibility of people going down the irregular stairs, high and at night! But even for that, service providers were not trained / oriented to be helpful or welcoming and seek possible solutions for the case. It was the guests who, walking around the place, saw what was possible and, after insisting, managed to gain access;

Complete nonsense!!!! So what's the point of having a disabled toilet sign if the person won't be able to access or place it! Or in the 2 cases of arrival, people had to go up but due to mobility restrictions it took more than 15 minutes to just climb the stairs!!!

in the case of families with a stroller, forget it, but in this case at least they offer to carry it upstairs. And the child, if it is small, you carry on your lap up the stairs.

Now, your relative or friend who is elderly or has restricted movement, let them know because I think it's surreal for the person to get there and be faced with such a lack of tact and acceptance for their physical condition.

chic and exquisite this place has nothing !!

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By Suelem Guimarães dos
I used their services for my wedding

Unfortunately, my experience with Grupo Bisutti was not good at all! It was bad!!

To all brides (especially) who think and plan to get married, research the suppliers very well and don't be impressed by the (often misleading) advertising of larger groups, which "dominate the market" as is the case of Bisutti.

In addition to the dinner being poorly served in terms of quantity (all my guests complained a lot, and it was the biggest embarrassment of my life), the main course - a Boeuf Boirguignon French recipe of pot roast in wine - was replaced by a mincemeat. very simple meat with carrots! The Buffet attracts people with the exquisite cuisine of Julio Perinetto and then serves the guests poorly and even replaces the dishes in a simplistic way (we are talking about clumsy freelance waiters, bad tempered to the food itself - quantity and quality)! Be careful: they serve different dishes from those served on the day of the tasting! And the most "strange" thing is that days before my wedding (04/01/22) we were closing the staff meal, because this is also another item that is not in the contract and they only add the charge at the end, at which time you find out and you have to pay too, and in the description it said that my suppliers (photographer, band, advisor, etc.) would have served "meat mince". My advisor found it super strange, as he told me that at all events the same food that was served to the guests was also served to the suppliers and that he didn't understand the reason for the "different" treatment. Well... we talked to the producer and she said it was a system or typing error and said that she didn't even need to make the correction.

BUT I NEVER IMAGINED THAT THE MINCED MEAT DESCRIBED HERE WAS THE MAIN DISH TO BE SERVED AT MY WEDDING! The dish they call with a French name, signed by Julio Perinetto, was simply changed to mincemeat. That simple!

Bad experience. Disappointing! I do not recommend!

By the way, as a bride, I leave here my valuable tip of what worked for me (wedding dress, groom attire, photo and video, band, advice, choir, church decoration): look for smaller suppliers that handle each case, each wedding, each event as unique and special! The supplier who does everything in a "manual" and individualized way wins light years ahead of "giants" who only care about numbers and invent more and more mass production for weddings. A pity!

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By Joana
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

Amazing place, well located, really a dream!

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